Meet the Team

Ellie Voelker


Being able to help women see themselves for who they are in every stage of womanhood has been such a rewarding journey. Making women feel empowered and spreading body image positivity is my biggest passion, and I hope to make you feel confident, sexy, and beautiful through the lens of my camera.

Originally from Michigan, I am currently living in Nashville, Tennessee, but love traveling to any location!


When I don't have a camera in my hand I enjoy playing tennis, cycling, hiking, reading, traveling, spending time with my husband, my dachshunds Pixel and Ilford and with friends and family. I was first introduced to photography in high school working on the yearbook staff, from there I started my own business photographing families, weddings, children and really anything that I could photograph. When I shot my first intimate portrait session I knew it was something special, something that actually made me feel like I was making a difference. From there Empowered Beauty Boudoir was born. 


Since August 2017, I have solely focused on boudoir photography in order to create the best possible experience for my clients. Please reach out to me no matter where you are located, you never know if our paths may cross, I'd love to set up a session with you!



Hair & Makeup

Evie Selaty

Evie Selaty is licensed professional artist in Metro Detroit. She has 9 years of experience in the beauty industry in a variety of formats including photoshoots, fashion shows, print, and weddings.


Kicking off her career after volunteering to work on fashion shows and campaigns for charity she started freelancing. Her keen eye and ability to capture the beauty and vision of whomever is in her chair makes her sought after. She became a business Manager for Laura Mercier Cosmetics and honed in her skills. As a NARS certified artist working at counter in Nordstrom, Evie embraces teaching artistry techniques to women.


Evie’s artistry is featured in publications like Ellements, Faerie Mag, Styleline, Neighborhood Seen,DDEAF, Promo, Emagine, and What’s Up Detroit TV20. She has worked on set for commericals, photoshoots with and music videos for Humons, Green Day and various local talent. Evie was recently Awarded the NARS Excellence in Artistry Award 17' and trained in a workshop side-by-side with the global Director of Artistry for NARS.


Hair & Makeup

Meghan Lee

“I consider myself to be an extroverted introvert and love doing things for others. I love  animals, girl time, and family, but my real love is beauty. Makeup was a side hustle of mine for a while but never really pursued it as a career until the last 8 years. I grew up where my parents wanted me to be a teacher, so even when I realized my love for the arts, I didn't think it was a feasible goal to do anything but that. After graduating college with a degree in business (not even teaching...go figure), I had no idea where I wanted to take that. Once I did some soul searching, I kept coming back to the idea of beauty. I loved it that much that I had to find a way to make it work. I tried to find any and every way to get my foot in the door. I worked more on lifestyle projects in the beginning. But what I really wanted to do the most? Weddings and boudoir. So I studied, went back to school, and now has hair and makeup added on as a licensed professional. I currently work mostly on weddings, but I still do lifestyle shoots, boudoir photo shoots, and everything in between (even an underwater photo shoot!). I quit my day job in July 2017 and have been doing this full time ever since. I tell myself over and over again that I should have quit a LONG time ago, but I’m glad I finally did it, and it has been the best decision!!”

Hair & Makeup

Alysa Langlais

Alysa Langlais has six years of experience working in the beauty industry.  Before pursuing a career in makeup, she received her Bachelor’s in Art at Northern Illinois University.  Alysa went on to receive her professional certification at Makeup First School of Makeup Artistry in Chicago, IL.  There, she gained experience in all avenues of the industry, including editorial, bridal, theatrical, media, clinical and more.


While living in Chicago, Alysa worked as an artist and the business development manager for a top beauty brand. She has led classes, worked on set with brands like Topshop, and has had her work published in CS Luxury Bride Chicago Magazine.   


Alysa stays inspired by continuing to immerse herself in education.  She has trained under the wings of renowned artists like Roshar and even Face Off’s J. Anthony Kosar.  She believes that having knowledge of every pocket of the industry allows her to bring any clients request to life.